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  Used CLN001813 Agilent / Hewlett Packard Q8486A 33GHz to 50GHz Power Sensor Q8486A Contact Sales
  Used CLN001837 Agilent / HP 81401A InGaAs-PD Sensor 750-1700nm 81401A Contact Sales
  Used CLN001828 Agilent / HP 8140A Optical Loss Test Set 8140A Contact Sales
  Used CLN001839 Agilent / HP 8140A Optical Loss Test Set Mainframe 8140A Contact Sales
  Used CLN001838 Agilent / HP 81412A LED Module 1300nm 81412A Contact Sales
  Used CLN000629 Agilent / HP 81521B Optical Head 81521B Contact Sales
  Used CLN000655 Agilent / HP 86120B Multi-Wavelength Meter 86120B Contact Sales
  Used CLN000627 Agilent / HP E5574A OPTICAL LOSS ANALYZER E5574A Contact Sales
  Used CLN001827 Agilent / HP E5970A Handheld Optical Power Meter E5970A Contact Sales
  Used CLN000637 Agilent / HP81525A Optical Head 81525A Contact Sales
  Used CLN000638 Agilent / HP81533B Optical Head Interface Module 81533B Contact Sales
  Used CLN000659 Agilent 81633A Power Source Plug In Module 81633A Contact Sales
  Used CLN000654 Agilent 86120C Multi-Wavelength Meter 86120C Contact Sales
  Used CLN000642 Agilent HP 81632A Power Sensor Plug-in Modular 81632A Contact Sales
  Used CLN000653 Agilent HP 8166A Lightwave Measurement System 8166A Contact Sales
  Used CLN000646 Agilent/HP 8153A Lightwave Mulitmeter 8153A Contact Sales
  Used CLN000661 Agilent/HP 81635A Dual Channel Power Sensor Module 81635A Contact Sales
  Used CLN002123 ANDO AQ-1111 Optical Power Meter AQ1111 $360.00
  Used CLN000121 EXFO FOT-20 Handheld Fiber Optic Tester FOT-20 Contact Sales
  Used CLN000624 Exfo FVA-60B-B91 Variable Optical Attenuator FVA-60B Contact Sales
  Used CLN000670 Fluke 52 Series II Thermometer 52 Series II Contact Sales
  Used CLN001809 Fluke 8505A Digital Multimeter 8505A Contact Sales
  Used CLN001810 Fluke 8505A Digital Multimeter with GPIB 8505A Contact Sales
  Used CLN002120 HP 8152A Optical Power Meter 8152A $699.00
  Used CLN002119 HP 8158B Optical Attenuator w/ opt 002, 011 8158B Contact Sales
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