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Category : Fiberoptic Components :   Optical Channel Monitor : Lightchip Optical Channel Monitor (VOPM3210)


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Product Details

Lightchip Optical Channel Monitor   (VOPM3210)

Unit Price      $860.00
Your Price $860.00
Item# CLN000695
Manufacturer Lightchip
Mfg. Part# VOPM3210
Condition Used
Unit Of Measure each
Dimension 7.5 L x 3.25 W x 1.5 H

Lightchip Optical Channel Monitor   (VOPM3210)


Product Outline

Lightchip's Optical Performance Monitor sets a new standard for monitoring DWDM networks. The OPM is a high performance product designed for ease of use in today's high performance networks. It rapidly provides precise measurements of both the optical power and the wavelength for every channel.

It has an ultra-high dynamic range of 60dB thus enabling the monitoring of optical channels essentially independent of channel variations of transport power. In addition, the extremely high optical power sensitivity of the permits non-intrusive optical performance monitoring.

The OPM is designed to easily interface with other DWDM modules such as muxes, demuxes, EDFAs, or OADMs. The shelf monitors each DWDM channel independent of the direction of the channel, thus is compatible with bi-directional networks.


Key Features

  • Ultra-high dynamic range
  • Sensitive to very low power
  • Reliable - No moving parts
  • Low power consumption
  • High resolution
  • Rapid data acquisition
  • Programmable wavelength and power alarms
  • Compliance: Telcordia specifications GR-63-CORE, GR-1089-CORE,GR-1209-CORE and GR-1221-CORE
  • Telecom DWDM networks
  • Cable DWDM networks
  • Laser locking
  • EDFA gain balancing

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More details

Channel Spacing 100 or 200 GHz
Fiber Connector Style FC-PC type
Input Power Range -10dBm to -70dBm
Measurement Range 32.5 nm
Noise Floor -70 dBm
OSNR (spectral bandwidth @ 0.1 nm) >30 dB
Operating Temperature Range 0 to 50żażnC
Power Accuracy <¿b0.5 dB
Power Consumption <10 W max
Power Latency (All channels) <10 ms
Power Resolution <0.1 dB
Power options approx. 7.5 L x 3.25 W x 1.5 H
Wavelength Accuracy <0.02 nm
Wavelength Latency 100 ms
Wavelength Stability < 0.01 nm